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Scan a Document - with the UMAX Scanner and Adobe Acrobat

Acrobat icon  Scan a document with the UMAX scanner and Acrobat  (1 p.)


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Scan a Document - Create a PDF with the UMAX and Acrobat

Is the UMAX the right scanner for you? See Which Scanner Should I Use? for more information.

To scan a document with the UMAX scanner using Adobe Acrobat:

  • Open scanner lid. Place document face down on glass
  • Open Acrobat 6.
  • Select  File > Create PDF > From Scanner
  • Select: Device: MagicScan32 v4.5. | Format: single sided
  • In Preview window, select Preview.
  • Once previewed, select area to scan
  • Select Scan
  • Select next to add pages or done to finish:

    Success! You have created a PDF using the UMAX scanner.

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